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FemaleAgent - Tracy Delicious & Vanessa - E300

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Vanessa (33 mins). This dark haired beauty strolled into the office looking for modelling work and I was instantly attracted to her. She had a very sexy look and an innocence to her that I found highly endearing. She was looking for work as she lived with her parents and wanted her own money and independence. When I found out that she had tattoos and piercings, I knew I could use those to tell her that the only work I could get for her was soft erotica. She was very dubious at first until I mentioned that she could earn a lot of money. Her eyes lit up and her clothes came off as I asked her to do a solo masturbation scene for me so I could see for myself if she could manage to do it on camera. As I watched this gorgeous woman slip her finger inside herself and squeeze her breasts, I could feel my own knickers growing wet with desire. She had a beautiful orgasm right there on my couch and I was so turned on that I had to have this womans tongue piercing licking my clit. I sat next to her on the couch and said I would have work for her tomorrow, but she would need to lick my pussy first. She readily agreed and I slowly instructed her on what to do. After she had tentatively fingered me I needed to feel her tongue on my pussy and she was surprisingly good at it. I like to take control however and I straddled her face and rode her mouth to my own orgasm. A beautiful start to a beautiful day with a beautiful woman, I really do love this job.
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